How many phases are there to the life of Neil Young. He was my hero for all my musical formative years. I really need to have a couple of his songs in a set.

This could just be the first song I ever learned to play. It comes from the first album for The Beatles where every song was a Lennon McCartney composition. There is a good Trivia Night question. The Album was A Hard Days Night.

A Song that emerged from the hit factory of the Brill building in New York City. It was written firstly it seems by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weill. They could not get it recorded for release and eventually combined with Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. It was eventually released by the drifters.

Written by Bobby Troup. Made famous by Nat King Cole. Recorded by many including Chuck Berry and Rolling Stones. More recently by John Mayer for the movie Cars. Route 66 is no longer national highway last portion being closed in Arizona in 1980s when they got Bobby Troup in his 70s to play at the official closing ceremony. 

Black Friday comes from the album Katy Lied which was was released in 1975. The song tells the story of September 24 1869. It was a Friday when some Gold investors tried to corner the market and make a big profit. The Government released a lot of Gold and foiled their plan. They all lost lots.

George Harrison once said that the spirit of the Beatles carried on into Monty Python. This is a song that shows the spirit of humor I think. I know it is considered just a song of sexual innuendo. I guess I am just a little more plain than that. I am a fan of the story as it appears in the song. I love the hook “I got a driver and that’s a start!”